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About Preferred Watches

This is the site for people who love designer watches but don’t want to pay a designer price. At, we have over 4,000 name-brand wrist watches at a price that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for sports watches, fashion pieces, men’s or women’s watches, chances are you’ll find them here at a savings that puts other sources to shame.

These watches are not replicas. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our quality watches, so you get the high-performance movement as well as the fashionable look. At these prices, you'll probably be surprised to learn that these are the genuine products from watchmakers like Fossil Watches, Nixon Watches, and Michael Kors Watches. Our extensive marketing network and industry connections allow us to obtain these exceptional watches at a substantial savings and pass it on to you.

We have selections that other sources list as out-of-stock, items that you may have looked for and been unable to find. If you have been searching for a particular watch, you may be in for a pleasant surprise here.

For those who love complications, we have watches with the full range of features, including chronograph features, small second hands and date windows. For those who want bling, we have gold and jewels. We have elegant ladies' models, handsome men's watches and artistic showpieces. If you've been frustrated by the limited selections and steep prices on some other sites, you've come to the right place.

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